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Event Management, all in one place

For every event you run, there’s numerous spreadsheets you’re tracking. Our platform eliminates your repetitive tasks such as report-building, response tracking and communication. Now you can spend more time selling sponsorships or focusing on the content.

Host virtual events that convert

Increase your conversion rate 200% over using Zoom alone.

Showcase brands.

Engage attendees.

There’s no reason for anyone to minimize their screen.

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Host live events that advance the sale

Spending time with key customers and partners is critical. Leave a lasting impression of your brand, not just your rep. From RSVP to Follow-up, ensure every interaction reflects your brand and provides you insight into what makes them tick.


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Gather responses in real-time

Use pre-built email campaigns (or bring your own) to capture attendee responses. Capture +1 data for those attendees you’ve never tracked before (AKA new leads). Delight your sales reps with automatic notifications when attendees RSVP.

Give your Execs a quick bio

Sales Reps and Executives gain quick access to their Who’s Who list and ways to build relationships easily. This saves you time from creating bios. Plus the format is web-based—much easier for them to navigate.

[Case Study] Pro Football Hall of Fame


“NextLevelFan’s platform allows me to off-load my manual registration, communication and check-in duties. That’s several spreadsheets and apps right there!”

Kee’auna Cherry
Partnership Activation Coordinator at Pro Football HOF

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[Case Study] AFS Logistics


“I travel more than 70% of the time. NextLevelFan gets me prepared for the event with guest bios and sales funnel data on each opportunity.”

Dean Jones, VP of Sales, AFS Logistics - Testimonials - Next Level Fan
Dean Jones
Chief Sales Officer at AFS Logistics

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