Top 4 Virtual Event Samples from 2020

The year 2020 brought hardship and creativity to every event experience known to humankind.

For all the plight and misfortune caused by a lack of 3-ft contact with customers and partners alike, organizations brazenly found ways to stay connected.


We say brazenly not to be rude. Organizations had to try new things to stay alive.

We were no different.


NextLevel was building an event engagement platform for live, 50-to-500-person events. (Customers included Pro Football Hall of Fame, Atlanta Falcons and various other companies.)

Now, we’re producers, transforming Zoom events into Wow! events by optimizing the process and the platform.


As you plan your 2021, picture a new approach to your plain ‘ol Zoom call.



Check out our top four virtual events from 2020.


#4 The Custom-Branded Livestream, from start to finish

Animated Invitation Experience


Mobile-ready Registration + Payment Gateway + Email SPAM-protector


Email, SMS campaign


Event Landing Page, featuring live-produced show/panel using pre-record and live video feeds



#3 The Fundraiser

Fundraiser w/ donor call-out


Fundraiser w/ embedded donation, auction feature



#2 The Webinar

Webinar landing page w/ sponsor call-out


Sponsor showcase w/ built-in lead gen


Webinar hub (uses your domain, posts automatically after event)



#1 The Sponsor Activation

Marquee sponsorship w/ branded breakouts


Marquee sponsorship w/ branded networking



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Written by Brian Barker

Spent 12+ years running hundreds of B2B events before attempting to save the world as an elementary teacher. When I realized how awesome our teachers are (and that I wasn't cut-out for it), I pivoted to B2B event tech.

My wife rocks! My kids are awesome! I'm just playing catch-up...

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