How to Profit Off Your Zoom Events: Part One – Revenue

For event marketers, the best thing about 2020 is that our attendees now know how to join a webinar!

No more tedious explanations (“This is a computer…”), creative tutorials (“Watch me juggle these flaming iPads”) or hoping attendees just got it.

So, thank you WFH mandates.


Seriously, now that’s over with, it’s time you invest in making your events profitable.

And by profitable, I don’t mean “Revenue minus Expenses = Profit” on the event itself.


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In this 3-part blog series: “How to Profit Off Your Zoom Events,” we’ll explore how to craft each of your virtual events to generate value far beyond what you’ve come to expect with your typical Zoom events.

(NOTE: We’re using Zoom as a placeholder for any web meeting platform that connects people with people, not brands or sponsors with people.)

Source: UC Today (

Source: UC Today


Let’s talk about revenue in the for-profit and non-profit spaces.


Recently, I joined a for-profit’s webinar on cybersecurity. During the hour-and-a-half-long virtual event, they introduced several offers. They told the audience:

check out our website after the event to sign-up.

Two issues came to mind:

  • Are they tracking who went to their website afterwards?
  • Are they confident people were listening to that part of the webinar?



I attended a virtual fundraiser where the “ask” was shown on a powerpoint slide and mentioned by the host multiple times. He would say:

minimize your screen and go to ‘www.*************.com’ to donate.

I thought:

  • Are people here to donate or here for the content? (The content was great!)
  • Is there a goal to raise money tonight? How much have we raised? How close are we?


The moral of the story: communicate, by choosing the right virtual event platform. By doing so, you can increase conversions by 200% or more!


Profit off your Zoom Events

The secret to profitability is “location, location, location.”

A platform like NextLevelFan recaptures up to 85% of your screen’s “real estate” and purposes it for branding and sponsorship activation.

This does three things really well:

Gives you back control over your message

Zoom, Teams, GoToWebinar, Google Meet, Skype, etc… they all dominate the screen with buttons to control their experience. But… as the host, you want to control their experience. You want attendees to experience your brand and your sponsors. Every click should bring them closer to a conversion. With ONLY a meeting platform, you’re giving people a reason to minimize and multi-task.

Gives your attendees a reason NOT to click away

How many of us keep multiple apps open, multiple tabs open, our phone or tablet by our side, our TV on in the background? The distraction potential is endless! Don’t force your attendees to have to minimize one more thing. Keep them on your page, learning about you and/or your sponsors.

Gives you instant feedback

I geek-out on real-time charts and data. The stock market ticker is one of my favorites! Just think if you could chart the timeline of your event with the interests of your attendees, you’d know how to follow-up best with each one of them. See how chatty someone was or what offers they clicked and if it occurred during the pre-event or post-event.



The best part about all of this: you can have your cake and eat it too.

You can continue to host via Zoom, or any of these solutions. It’s your attendees who will benefit from the branding and sponsorship experience that drives conversions for your business.


Written by Brian Barker

Spent 12+ years running hundreds of B2B events before attempting to save the world as an elementary teacher. When I realized how awesome our teachers are (and that I wasn't cut-out for it), I pivoted to B2B event tech.

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